McVitie’s iKitten AR App

McVitie’s iKitten AR App
Genre: Augmented Reality Pet App
Year: 2016
Platform: iOS, Android
Tech: Unity3D
Team size: 6
Role: Technical Consultant

The McVitie’s iKitten app is an augmented reality mobile application designed by McVitie’s, a popular biscuit brand. The app features fun and interactive activities with a virtual kitten with the aim of engaging users and promoting McVitie’s products.
The app includes various AR features, such as petting the cat, or playing minigames with her, as well as customizing and placing hats on your kitten while she playfully walks on your desk projected to the real world.

I was a Unity3D and augmented reality technical consultant on the project.

The app was released to the iOS App Store and Android Google Play Store but unfortunately is not available to download anymore.

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