Realm Shifters

Realm Shifters
Genre: Adventure Game Prototype
Year: 2016
Platform: PC
Tech: Unity3D
Team size: 2
Role: Developer / Art Director 😀


“Mighty, the dragon, Berserk, the Viking and Coward, the Cow are walking in the Enchanted Forest of the Autumn Elves. Three body but one shared mind. They are collecting Magical Orbs to shift to the Abyssal Realm where they can gather the Soul Orbs to fully charge all of the Ancient Runestones to open the Really Dark Purple Vortex of Darkness. You know. Because reasons.”

Realm Shifters is a crazy Ludum Dare entry for LD 35. 🙂

We (a developer friend and I) made this game prototype in 2.5 days with Unity3D. We tried our best to put every idea in the game which came up during the short period of time. I brought and modified the assets for the game, created the game logic and the visuals including the shape-shifting mechanism of the whole environment: particle effects, morphing ground, lights, shaders, and most importantly the crystals and the sound effects.

In Realm Shifters you can:
– Collect orbs- Shapeshift to different forms
– Shift between realms
– Energize the Ancient Runestones
– Open the Vortex of Darkness

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